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Unleash the Northern Native Inside

At Northern Native, we’re dedicated to bringing northerners the best quality clothing brands they deserve. So much of fashion today is inspired by the south.

Raised on the rocky shores of Massachusetts, we understand that northerners think differently. From the White Mountains to the Redwoods in Northern California, the north is our home.

Bringing Northern Pride to Fashion

Northern Native is more than a brand. For northerners, classic northern styles are a part of life. We want to be a representation of what it really means to be a northern native. Not from the north? No problem.

Here are a few key styles to keep in mind in these northern areas:

Boston, MA

When you’re visiting Boston, be prepared to embrace layers, preppy clothing, and lots of boat shoes. Cable knit sweaters, crewneck sweatshirts, and vests are a big staple in this city’s fashion. Some of the best quality clothing brands in this area make pieces specifically suited to the New England Style.

The Adirondack Mountains, NY

Traveling to the Adirondacks is certainly a classic northerner experience. While you’re here, make sure you have a warm plaid flannel, some thermal shirts, and a trucker cap or two. These are some of the most quintessential styles of the area. And don’t forget to layer up, either.

Portland, OR

In Portland, you need to be prepared to walk about and dodge the rain at the same time. Layering a thin shirt under a crewneck sweater can be a great combo. A waterproof jacket and a hat can’t hurt, either. You’re sure to see your fair share of classic northern style here.

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