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We offer a wide range of packages tailor made to fit your businesses needs. Big business is pushing small-town America to the brink of elimination. Big businesses have the ability to quickly adapt to changes and stay caught up with current trends. They use social media to their advantage, whereas small businesses have had trouble keeping up with the times. Traditional marketing strategies, like print ads, billboards, and television commercials can simply be too much for small businesses to afford. These traditional strategies provide little to no audience interaction and it is difficult to measure conversion rates and ROI. Social media has the power to be a great equalizer in marketing. Social media marketing provides the ability to precisely target you’re desired demographic, and learn from real-time analytics, all while being immensely cost-effective 




What it Includes: We will manage your social media pages and execute innovative marketing strategies by using analytics and creating engaging content. With this plan, we will also take, edit, and post your pictures

What it Includes: We will use our expert opinion to develop and help implement a sustainable social media marketing strategy. We will also provide 10 edited photos with a list of industry-specific hashtags. $50

  • Basic Plan: $100 per month – 3 weekly posts, 3 weekly stories, story highlights
  • Intermediate Plan: $200 per month – 6 weekly posts, 6 weekly stories, story highlights
  • Pro Plan: $300 per month- We will take and edit professional pictures for your page. Also includes 6 weekly posts, 6 weekly stories, story highlights
  • Inquiry based: Starting at $50